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I am considering to shoot architecture, both exteriors and interiors, but I do not perceive it to be a prime subject in my photography adventure. As I have mentioned previously, underwater, landscape and portraits are also what I consider to shoot.
I understand that articulating screen is a big plus, especially in confined areas, and I really don’t understand why Nikon is still resisting to follow this trend. Even the new Nikon D5 doesn’t have the screen that tilts every which way. Pity!
Having said that, I would like to “hear” your suggestions for lenses other than wide angle, and especially those that are weather sealed and Nikon compatible.
I have been checking out a lot of different options, because the price plays a big part in deciding what to buy. I also found certain info that suggests that in some cases even less expensive lenses can yield better results than those more expensive ones. Since technology is developing at warp speeds, I somehow believe that difference in quality between CANON/NIKON and third party products is rapidly fading out.
So, in your opinion, what could be the best overall “bang for buck” option, taking into consideration players such as SIGMA, TAMRON, TOKINA…?

Thanx 🙂

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