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viktor pavlovic
viktor pavlovic

Hi David,
until someone else hopefully join our discussion, let me propose few more lenses with “charismatic” look.

Mayer Optik Gorlitz had many famous lenses, among which Primoplan 75/1.9 is one of the best portrait lenses of its time and has very unique rendering. Together with it you’ll find another Primoplan – 58/1.9, Trioplan 100/2.8 and even small Trioplan 50/2.9 famous for circular bokeh, to be quite interesting too.

Meyer Optik Gorlitz produced quite few lenses that become a saught after collectors items. Such black Domiron 50/2, or almost mythical 75/1.4 that I don’t know if really existed or not are certainly one of the rarest lenses in MOG inventory.

Except those mostly expensive lenses, MOG did also few affordable ones that you might consider. Orestor 100/2.8 and 135/2.8 are both very nice and small lenses, while such Lydith 30/3.5 and Telefogar 90/3.5 are very specific in respective focal lengths.

Also Primotars 80/3.5 and 180/3,5 are not borring lenses.

Next time we can take a short look among CZJ lenses, where my favorite Biotars belongs.

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