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viktor pavlovic
viktor pavlovic

Hi peace 7,
sorry to reply this late, but I’ve been out for a while…

Thing is that most people (found on web discussions) are taking some virtual visual perfection as a merit of aesthetical value. What’s so more, they would consider anything subpar in comparison to highest MTF as a pure trash and useless tool.

In my hummble opinion, it is a stupid approach at best.

It is like saying that only cotton canvas, camel hair brush and oil colors are acceptable for any painting artistic attempt. Things less perfect such as charcoal or even soil on a finger can’t be used for any serious art…

Regarding lens experiment, I am struggling with mechanical and optical workshop. I was able to calculate few (IMHO) interesting lenses, similar to those in this thread, but my prototype production capabilities went to zero, since my friend – optician recently get retired.

I am still playing with some legacy optics that I have at home, using super cheap projection lenses as a base, but those experiments are pure fun and trial/error method. If I make something interesting again, I will post it here, and I encourage all others to do the same.

Let’s celebrate imperfection!!!

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