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I have to agree with you. In the politics of camera systems, I’m an impartial bystander, in the sense that I don’t own a single FE lens, meaning I don’t own any allegiance to Sony despite owning an A7r and A7s. I could shift my entire lens collection over to Leica SL by just buying a bunch of adapters. Here’s why I don’t see any good reasons for me to switch to Leica SL given what we currently know (ignoring price):

1) The SL is twice the weight (847g) and significantly bigger, meaning I get a backup body with Sony for the same weight.
2) With Sony I can chose between 3 amazing sensors, meaning my backup body can be different, giving me extended imaging capabilities.
3) In body image stabilisation (as you already said).
4) A Leica red dot makes me a target – I value my safety (you know it’s so bad that they offer a cheap US$1,995 upgrade to remove the red dot (plus other cosmetic changes)
5) Sony’s sensors are good enough (how much better can the SL be, if at all?)
6) Sony’s EVF is good enough. Given all the above, Leica’s sexy EVF isn’t enough.

This ignores price and is enough for me to stick with Sony. But, add price in and it’s madness.
I’m sure Leica-Sony users are reaching the same conclusions.

Current retail price for the A7II is £1099 from a website with a high street shop i.e. not a grey import. Making the £5050 Leica 4.5x the price. Both have the same sensor size and resolution…madness!

But for anyone with Leica lenses, I can understand this being an exciting time….they just need to buy adaptors and bigger bags.

A7II costs £1099 @ Fotosense, UK

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