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Hi Viktor,

Thanks for reminding me of the option of the A6000 and SEL1018. When you compared it to the A7/FE1635, I couldn’t tell their images apart. I didn’t realise you now use it as your main landscape setup…so no more D800E with 14-24? When you use the Canon lenses for clients, which body do you use?

I like the idea of using an A6000/SEL1018 combo – it has a lot going for it:
– They are the same weight combined as the FE16-35, but cheaper!
– More importantly, it gives me a backup body.
– I can also use the A6000 with my long lenses to get slightly more reach for the same weight. This makes sense, because if I need to crop anyway on FF, then I will get better results using a crop sensor.
– It will weigh less than 3 primes (as discussed previously).
– No problems with square filters.
– All these benefits out weigh my preference for avoiding Sony and sticking to primes.

I think you’ve solved my problem! Thanks…beers on me next time I’m in Prague or if you come to London!

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