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Hi Viktor,

Don’t worry about the links, I found the review. I’m amazed at how poor the Minolta was considering the 200/2.8 APO is supposed to be excellent. The difference between the EF 300/2.8 and FD 300/4 L is quite big…but unfortunately so is the weight and price. I’ve heard from one person (who owned both lenses) that the FD 300/2.8 L is even better than the EF version. Any thoughts on that?

Regarding the FD 300/4 L, I’ve not seen this at any UK dealer in the last 6 months, and on eBay very seldom. There’s one currently available for £499, but he says he’ll take £450…seems too much to me. What do you think? Perhaps prices are going up, because more mirrorless folks are going manual focus?

I’m intrigued about this FD 24-35/3.5 L. How does it compare to the FE 16-35? It’s focal length fits in okay with my plans for an SEL10-18.

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