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    Hi folks,

    I thought you might be interested in seeing two Nikon lens designers talking about lenses. One of them designed the Nikkor DX 1.8/35.

    There are two passages that I found most interesting:

    @3mins, one designer described how he sees lenses as a way of compressing a 3D world into 2D and when parts of the 3D world won’t compress, then they become blurred. I’d never thought of lenses in that way before.

    @3:40mins he explains that for every stop increase in speed you get an increase in aberations to the power 3. Thus, from f/4 to f/2 is an 8x increase in aberrations. But the lens must not be 8x more expensive or heavy…these laws of physics are what lens designers have to work within. Fascinating!


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    p.s. I wanted to post this in “Open Talk”, but that part of the forum seems to be broken.

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    viktor pavlovic
    viktor pavlovic

    Anthony, thank you so much for posting this brilliant short interview. It is simple said truth, easy for everyone to understand. I am trying to promote idea that there are not better or worse lenses in general terms, just different lenses, such as we all have different eyes and perception.

    I will take a look at open talk to see what is going on there.

    Thanks again for your great contribution.

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