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Yes,…I understand, and I thought it might be like that.

I also thought about what you wrote about what should be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate camera for architectural interior photography, especially the articulating screen.
If I would rate high the importance of this particular spec, it would bring me back towards SONY cameras, where I have a few interesting options.
Now,…I have to set a realistic budget boundaries, and make a decision for which I need your advice. The main dilemma is whether to opt for a APS-C camera (such as above mentioned SONY ALPHA 77 II) and spend more money on better glass, or should I go for more modest (third-party) glass, and spend more money on full-frame camera, where I have two options in similar price range, namely SONY ALPHA 99 and SONY ALPHA 7R (DSLT or Mirrorless).
The obvious difference between the latter two is in the pixel count, and even though I prefer the articulating screen of A99 (as well as the overall build), it seems to me that there are many more lens options for the E-mount A7R.
It seems to me like a tough choice. Is it, really? Or does it come down to personal preference, especially considering a number of information from the reputable sources that the pixel count is not of essential importance?
On the other hand, I found out that even some professional photographers are using APS-C A77 m2!!!

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