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Portrait lens – Which One? 11-20

To help this page survive, your donation will be highly appreciated.  Portrait lenses 11-20 11. Known as Russian Biotar, Helios 40-2 was made using same formula, but the results are different enough to let it live on its own. I have to mention, that color shift with this lens was extreme. This is how it…


Portrait lens. Which one? 30 short portrait lenses compared on APS-C.

To help this page survive, your donation will be highly appreciated.  Day after day, I am teased by my friends and readers to recommend the best portrait lens for Sony NEX. This may be partially due to the absence of standard fast tele in E-mount, and partially because there are so many options on the…


Super fast 50-58mm shot out wide open

Here is another brief lens comparison. This time I tried eight f/1.2 lenses around 50mm focal length, wide open in the field. In this comparison you can consider sharpness as well as the bokeh.Results in terms of resolution and contrast are kind of surprising. One of the cheapest 50mm in this test (if not the…


50mm f/1.4 legacy lenses – Shootout Wide Open

I can read almost every week a new thread about 50mm legacy lenses in many photography forums.Sometimes it is funny to follow fan-boys and girls fighting for their Minolta, Oly or Pentax, being the best lens ever produced. Most time, it is just annoying.All kind of forum members, present all kind of different informations, so…


Four Macro 50mm lenses – brief shot out

I just made a brief shot out between four 50mm lenses mounted on NEX 7. On the first sight, they seems like rather different breeds, but as I thought, field relevant differences, for the mainstream macro use - flower in the garden :-) is very small.4 lenses are:1. Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 Macro ZE…

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