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10 minutes lens test – portrait session

I can't say what is harder - finding "Perfect Lens" or finding "Perfect Testing Method". Especially knowing that neither exist.I published many "controlled" tests, mainly using ISO 12333 chart, but those charts and walls usually tells only part of the story.Unfortunately IMHO, most readers are referring to MTF tests and results, in general terms, considering…


Portrait lens – Which One? 1-10

To help this page survive, your donation will be highly appreciated.    Portrait lenses 1-10 1. I learned about this lens from Claire on DPReview forum (Marla2008). She is very talented photographer and has great blog at . Click here to see more images in the Flickr set. Navitar 75/1.3 vignette on Sony NEX…


Portrait lens. Which one? 30 short portrait lenses compared on APS-C.

To help this page survive, your donation will be highly appreciated.  Day after day, I am teased by my friends and readers to recommend the best portrait lens for Sony NEX. This may be partially due to the absence of standard fast tele in E-mount, and partially because there are so many options on the…


Super fast 50-58mm shot out wide open

Here is another brief lens comparison. This time I tried eight f/1.2 lenses around 50mm focal length, wide open in the field. In this comparison you can consider sharpness as well as the bokeh.Results in terms of resolution and contrast are kind of surprising. One of the cheapest 50mm in this test (if not the…


Four Macro 50mm lenses – brief shot out

I just made a brief shot out between four 50mm lenses mounted on NEX 7. On the first sight, they seems like rather different breeds, but as I thought, field relevant differences, for the mainstream macro use - flower in the garden :-) is very small.4 lenses are:1. Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 Macro ZE…


Canon FD 35mm f/2 (Thorium)

Canon FD 35mm f2 with concave front element. Lens known as radioactive, due to the usage of rare earth element Thorium or Lanthium. Lens is visible yellow, and this can be cured by exposing it to the UV light, but I don't want to, as it makes nice yellow filter for BW. I am mentioning…


Canon FDn 35mm f/2

Canon FDn 35mm f/2 Crop Areas: Center 100% crops:   Zone A - 100% crops: Zone B - 100% crops: Zone C 100% - crops: Canon FDn 35mm f/2 has shown some very good results here. Wide open, it is very sharp in the center with just slightly softer corners. CA is also not significant,…


NEX 7 + Minolta AF 300 f2.8 APO G HS + Canon EF 300 f2.8 L IS + Canon FD 300 f4 L

For a long time now, I wanted to try some of those "Super-Tele" lenses on a tinny NEX 7.By making this brief test, I realized once again, that everything is about compromises. Especially in photography, when it comes to the equipment.So, if you just want to know - which lens is better... don't read further.Here…

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