Canon FDn 35mm f/2

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3 Responses

  1. Shorty Long says:

    I think your headline should read, “Boring Lens” and you said it when you stated; “but failing to give some uniqueness” a polite way of saying”boring”. If a lens has one significant short coming it’s what people want to know. After the flaw they want to know to the strong suits, then it is all up to them to determine if they can work around short comings and capitalize on the strong suits? So failing to be unique, boring, or not standing out ….incredibly important observations. I sold mine because in real world use (trees, landscapes, dramatic close ups with blurry backgrounds, and not charts ….this lens is just typical meaning it doesn’t rise above any. HOWEVER, it does produce some interesting bubble bokeh that can be used quite effectively….

    • Hi,
      I tend to agree with your comment, but those tests were all done on APS-C cameras and we should leave some space for making terminal conclusions. Many lenses that I tested on APS-C created entirely different rendering style on FF and vice versa. I didn’t find time to come back to this lens, but who knows, it might surprise positively.

    • Jonah A says:

      So, what other 35mm you would suggest instead of this?

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