Minolta RF Rokkor-X 250mm f/5.6 on Sony A7

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8 Responses

  1. kel says:

    I had a bunch of free stuff from an friend of mine, it included every trace of this lence except the lens itself, even a N4DX filter. Which I might sell if I know how rare those are and what price point they have :/

    • Hi Kel,
      I had to sell mine 🙁 as many other nice lenses that I had, trying to add some funds to keep this site running (I am afraid it won’t last for long however). But it was really interesting lens and one of the sharpest mirror lenses that I ever tried. Prices are related to its rare appearance I think.

  2. Sissorele says:

    I’m trying to sell mine actually that I didn’t even know was worth that much. Having a tough time finding a buyer though.

  3. Newman Chow says:

    just come across this site, I am from HK and actually looking for one with reasonable price. How is your lens condition? How much?
    my email: newman_chow@yahoo.com

  4. DoodMcFLY says:

    Hello everyone, I just bought one. I just want to test it. If it doesn’t give me satisfaction maybe I’ll look to sell it. It’s in real good conditions with the two back filters and box (leather is cracked and used).

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