Angenieux 50mm f/1.8 Type S1 on Sony A7r

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6 Responses

  1. Rado Tej says:

    Yummy lens, Viktor, looking at the images the rendering reminds me Contax G line. I know it sounds crazy, but apartt of less glow in bright areas (silver crowns of the dancers)- it has ::
    -enough contrast,
    -somehow nervous bokeh-but not too much or distracting,
    -some smearing in the corners (no too much magenta though)
    I would compare it somehow in character with Contax G 35mm lens
    call me crazy

  2. Thanks Rado,
    It is very rare lens and extremely expensive but I have to say that it is impressive indeed. I am still trying to find more time to shot with it … You might have the point with Contax G comparison, but this Angenieux has (as far as I was able to briefly experience) somehow more balanced (probably less micro contrast by hair but smoother tonal transitions) rendering. Maybe I should try to compare them directly, thanks for the idea.
    All the best mate,

  3. Jean-Marc says:

    Hi Victor, I managed to find a S1 in Rectaflex mount and wonder which filter would fit in without unscrewing the front lens element ? I tried the front thread and it happened … Would you know if there were any snap on filters made?! Cheers Jean-Marc.

    • Hi Jean-Marc.
      I don’t really know if the filters have been made, but you might try to write to Angenieux directly (contact on their web), they were very helpful when I tried to confirm the legibility of my sample. Good luck! Cheers, Viktor

  4. K says:

    Lovely lens indeed. I have the same E3 version and have owned it for about 10 years. I don’t know the current market value but is probably quite high. I have sold most of my other leica lenses already and only keeping this gem.

  5. jose romero says:

    Hola, felicitaciones por la lente, y por el informe que usted realizo. Poseo dos lentes Alitar en mi coleccion de camaras Alpa, tambien tengo una Sony A7R, lo malo de esto es que no hay para la venta adaptadores para montura E de Sony de las lentes Alitar.

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