Portrait lens. Which one? 30 short portrait lenses compared on APS-C.

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7 Responses

  1. Arrvon says:

    Great work and very comprehensive. Just wanted to post a comment to say thanks for taking the time to do this comparison. It should be a lot of help for people comparing lenses!

  2. Milan says:

    Thank you Viktor.
    One of the best and most helpful articles on entire web that helps me to decide to chose a vintage lens.

  3. Pep says:

    All these tests are quite useless considering that with the NEX 7 you are not using the most critical parts of the lenses. You only use the center, which is the best part. A pity because there are very interesting photographic objectives.

    • Hi Pep, useless are comments like this.
      When this test was performed, there weren’t mirrorless full frame cameras on the market. Since this is free site, I might make new tests with full frame cameras, or might not, it’s purely my choice and you can move on to the site that better suits your needs. There are still many photographers using APS-C sensor, do you think it is useless for them too?

  4. The Contax 90mmf2,8 is one of the sharpest lenses I’ve encountered. Sharp right open from the start.
    Just use it with the Fotodiox Contax (g) NEX adapter. Very easy to focus but don’t find it very easy to and leave the adapter in place, changing the adapter is another issue…

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