Canon EF 200mm f/2 L IS USM on NEX 7. One lens to rule them all!

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  1. Martin says:

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. So, in summary, does the speedbooster improve sharpness? 🙂

  2. Yes and no… It does increase (but just a little with this lens) center sharpness at the cost of the slight loss of edge sharpness. However, with Canon EF 200 f/2 L IS, the only field relevant difference is FOV and related vignetting with SB wide open.

  3. David Panno says:

    Hi Viktor –

    On DPR you said this was one of your top five lenses. Curious – what are the others? A top ten list would be even better! Loving your work on Flickr.

    Dave Panno

    • Hi David,
      Top 10 list is something I’d love to have, it will save me lot of time when I pack for shooting.

      However, it always depend on what the job is primarily… Unlike most other pro photographers, I have to shot almost everything to make up for living (small country, not famous name), so my assignments are stretching from real estates, through products, events and up to portraits and budoir. (Except weddings)
      For each of those tasks I usually have few favorite lenses. Here is a little overview:

      A. Landscape:
      1. Loxia 21/2.8 on Sony A7r
      2. Any zoom in the range between 16-35mm. Recently I have Nikon 14-24/2.8 (Nikon D800E) and Sony SEL 10-18/4 (Sony A6000). The later is my usual choice if I am hiking or whenever I am not going for the shot prepared in advance. When I have time to revisit the location, to check the weather conditions etc. Than I usually take Loxia 21 (before it was Distagon 21/2.8 ZE).
      3. Sony FE 70-200/4 (It very much depends on location, but I often shot landscape with longer focal lengths and for that, this Sony zoom is great).

      B Events
      1. Canon EF 24/1.4 L II (Canon 1D Mark IV)
      2. Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 L II (Canon 1D Mark IV)
      I sold Canon EF 14/2.8 L II since I didn’t use it much

      C. People
      1. Canon EF 200/2 L IS (Canon 5D MII)
      2. Otus 85/1.4 ZF.2 (Nikon D800E or Sony A7 MII)
      3. Minolta 135/2.8 STF (Sony A7 MII)
      4. Biotar 75/1.5 (Any Sony camera)
      5. Voigtlander 35/1.2 Asph.
      6. Helios 44 modified.

      D. Real estate
      1. Canon TS-E 17/4 L (Sony A7r)
      2. Sometimes Samyang 8/2.8 fish eye (Sony A6000)
      3. I am looking at new Laowa 12/2.8

      I hope it gives you an idea about my favorites, but in reality, except for Canon TS-E 17/4 L, where I don’t have alternative, I am always struggling to select what to take with me. (Lenses are just the beginning, there are cameras, tripods, lighting system and modifiers, backpack and tons of little tools and gadgets…)

  4. David Panno says:

    Wow Victor – what a great list. Thanks very much. Please consider making this a blog entry; people would love to see it.

    Best to you and my thanks again – Dave

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