Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Vario-Tessar T* vs Sony SEL 10-18mm f/4,0 OSS

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  1. Very useful stuff as usual. I don’t have plans to go FF, because lightweight is one of my primary concerns, but you’re confirming I’m not losing much – possibly almost nothing – staying with the a6000 + SEL1018.


    • Thanks Fabrizio,
      Unless you need high ISO, there really isn’t much need to switch to FF.

      • Gabriel says:

        Are you forgetting DOF and DR?

        • Hi Gabriel,
          I am not forgetting it, but there are quite fast lenses that you can use on APS-C to get to shallower DOF, in most cases – shallower than I ever need. Regarding DR, you are right of course, but DR of A6000 is very good too and I have more problems with Sony lossy compression than with the DR difference.
          However you are right that both aspects are FF advantages, while APS-C has an advantage of longer reach (with highest resolution) and smaller system in general (smaller body, smaller lenses).
          I am using both system equally…

  2. dada says:

    Just give me an IBIS NEX-7 alike+ my Sigma 60+30+ wider but better than the 19 and I will not ask for more…

  3. Hakan says:

    Thanks Victor, very good review with lots of full size samples, as always…. My findings have been confirmed, SEL1018 is an outstanding uwa lens, shocking me everyday i use it…how little, lightweigh but captures awesome quality images…I had both Zeiss 1635 and SEL1018, but couldn’t sell 1018, since it’s a gem to keep it forever.
    On the other hand, 1635ZA has also exceptional sharpness across the frame, between 16-30 it acts like a prime…great sharpness across the frame and also extremely flare resistance…
    thansk again…

    • Hakan says:

      correcting…samples are not full size 🙂

      • Thanks Hakan for your comment. Sample images are 2600px on the longer edge, which should be enough to see meaningfull difference if there is some.

        The reason why we didn’t post original size images is in the web page optimalization (for the mobile devices) and the rented server space in general (it cost us money of course).

        Because you can see some of controlled and rather comparable shots and respective 100% crops earlier in this short review, the purpose of the comparable real life samples was to give my readers the idea – what they can expect from system A or system B in average conditions and situations. We believe here in that 2600px wide is fair enough, but we do not force any conclusion based on that.

        Best regards,

  4. Hakan says:

    Hello Viktor,
    I’ve sent you two messages through your site ”contact us” page, asking some more info about A7R+FE1635,,,Could you please check them?

    • Hi Hakan,
      I will try to check it, but if there is chance to move your question here, or even better in the forum section, where you can start new thread e.g. in the Q&A section –, I will be able to respond much faster. Due to the large number of emails, I am not able to respond promptly on all of them. Comment and especially forum sections are much easier to keep updated. Thank you for understanding,

  5. Hakan says:

    Hello Viktor,
    Many thanks for the reply, i initially thought that ”contact us” would be quicker to reach you. Next time, i’ll open a thread!

  6. Alec says:

    Also in terms of blurring out the background, the Sony f4.0 APC and Fullframe lenses seem to deliver the same bokeh, can you confirm? The images are near identical in character also.

  7. Bjornar says:

    Amazing review ! Thanks for taking the time to do this . Wish I had found this way sooner switching back and forth between the a7ii and a6300 trying to get a good and reasonably light set up for hiking and shooting . Think I will go all in on the a6300 and 10-18 oss. Cheers !

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