Sony RX 100 Mark III – Perfect Travel Camera?

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4 Responses

  1. sean lancaster says:

    Heh heh on the RX10 conclusion. I’ll be eager to hear your conclusions about that camera.

    • Hi Sean,
      I’ll be eager too, but so far I used only for that super slow motion video, which is indeed impressive. IQ wise it should be same as above reviewed RX 100 M III. I am curious to see how AF can help and how it works for macro.


  2. Rado says:

    Hi Viktor, nice review and entertaining [in a good way] -as usual. I have to say that I like you processing of pictures at the end of the article- I know that Sony color management is not great [for me at least], I remember original RX100 and I did not like colors and few other things – hence I sold it and bought Canon G7x as a pocket camera- and so far so good [esp. tild lcd and touch screen]
    Looking forward to your RX10II impressions.

    • Ciao Rado,
      meanwhile I sold my RX10II. I simply couldn’t force myself to use it enough, not even for the purpose of the review. It is very capable camera, but I am usually heavily processing my images in PS and that smaller sensor has a bit of extra noise that I didn’t like (even at base ISO). I also felt that dynamic range is reduced in comparison to larger sensors, and all that put me aside.
      What I really liked was a slow motion video (but after few days you just stop to use it that often) and 4K video was also very nice in a good light. Considering the size of the camera and relatively limited possibilities for shallow DOF, it wasn’t my machine.
      Hope it helps,
      P.S. Knowing that you also have tons of lenses, could you please check the post of this guy – Anthony –
      Maybe you can give him some advise based on your experience. Thanks.

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