Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7) and Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) Part 7 – A7 – Sensor Flare Problems

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14 Responses

  1. interesting find, though I must say it wouldn’t ever bother me, as I think the flares are adding some life to the picture 🙂 A7 must be JJ Abrams approved cam

    • I agree Daniel, but it would be great if we can have more control on flares. In my samples above, flare is not excessive, but I have seen some really nasty examples. They can appear with any light source in the frame and sometimes they might go over your main subjects face i.e. Also the patter of those flares is very much different from those “nice, moody” flates that were welcomed part of the images against sun it the late afternoon.
      If you can get used with those – great for you, and I mean that seriously. For my shooting routine and expectations, those flares means no,no…
      Pitty 🙁

    • yannis says:

      Have to admit that I noticed more flare with the A7 compared to my 5N and depending on the lens used it can even be even unmanageable. What can I do now ? Nothing, live with it…

    • Try to leave direct highlights closer to the center. Avoid them on the edges, it might help a bit.

    • yannis says:

      True. Very bad experience on one shot with FD 50/1.4 with sunset on the left side…

  2. ivan says:

    Hallo, sorry for my English. I agree, but for me the main problem is a concentric posterization in the sky or in one colour surface. The transition it’s not smooth but It’s like a high compression Jpeg. I shoot raw with Zeiss Fe 35 and the strong vignetting of this lens make worse the problem. Also with on camera lens correction it’s visible.
    I sent my body on Sony customer service in Italy. I’m wait. Thank you for attention.

  3. FlorinD says:

    The flare might be caused by the lens, but be careful of the filters you put in front of the lenses – I had this problem with a cheap UV filter (K&F Concept) which caused a lot of glare – once removed it was a lot better!

    • Thanks FlorinD,
      when we test lenses we never use any filter of course (unless we test filters).
      Personally I never use protective or UV filter on any of my lenses.
      I do use ND and ND grads though.

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