Sony Alpha A7 Family – Which One To Choose? A7 (ILCE-7) vs A7M II (ILCE-7M II) vs A7r (ILCE-7R) vs A7s (ILCE-7s).



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8 Responses

  1. Mel Snyder says:

    Nice opening review.

    “In the next chapter we will take a closer look at one of the key differences between those 4 cameras – resolution and what it means in a real life.”

    Based on your prior discussions, I trust that “real life” experience in wrestling with wide angle lens issues on the A7r have led you to favor the 24mp and 12 mp models. I look at the 41×51 cm prints on my wall made from my 6mp Nikon D70, and I am glad I didn’t buy into the 36mp problems with an A7r.

    Because (as you know) I shoot a lot of manual lenses, the A7MII is still beckoning – but since most of my shooting is with wide angles, and I practice low-speed shooting constantly (daily), I have not felt a burning urge to buy now.

    Thanks as usual for your truly excellent blog!


    • Thanks Mel for stopping by and for your kind words. Resolution will go above 36 Mpx very soon 🙂 Who really needs it? Gear heads for sure, but for most, even 12 Mpx was planty. What are we doing today with our images, that we need massive files to cope with?
      The only real benefit of higher resolution is cropping ability if needed…


  2. FRANCK says:

    hello !
    thank you for this test.
    I have an A6000 with a Sony Zeiss 24mm . For a 2nd ( or 1st) body, and my theater shoots, I was hesitating between a A7 and A7R… probably A7 and Sygma lens would be enough.
    Thanks !!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Just watch your testing video, how could you change Focus Point place so fast ?

    • Hi Jimmy,
      I guess it’s practice… I operate multicontroller with my right hand thumb and I probably trained it well, something like those kids, typing Facebook posts on the smartphones.


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