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viktor pavlovic
viktor pavlovic

Think of it this way:

Full frame is better for low light (night, interior, underwater etc.) and for shallow DOF (portrait, close-ups)

APS-C is good for wildlife/sport (better reach in general), macro, travel (smaller size), budget (lenses are cheaper)

Both systems are good for landscape e.g (full frame has marginally better dynamic range at base ISO)

Lenses can make great difference in the resulting images. In general, differences between lenses will be more significant than between two same generation cameras.
Shooting portrait with 50/1.2 and 50/3.5 lens on the same camera, will result in entirely different subject isolation and surrounding context.
Shooting same portrait with the same lens and at same comparative DOF, with Sony A7r and A6000 might not show as much differences in comparison.

I really don’t know what do you expect from your setup (there is no universal solution – best for everything type of setup), so maybe you should first put list of priorities on paper and than proceed with selection.

Out of the box, I would suggest Sony A6000 with kit lens and few additional lenses bought second hand – SEL 50/1.8 and SEL 55-210. This is very affordable setup (Sony is about to announce new APS-C camera, probably A6100, thus prices of A6000 are very low now) with great capabilities and the resale value shouldn’t drop too fast. Using this system for month or two, you might find its limits for particular situations. That is best way to figure out what you really need and separate it from what you want.

Hope it helps,

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