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viktor pavlovic
viktor pavlovic

best one for every day photography would be certainly Sony A7r MII (recently). It can do most of what other bodies are capable of and something more. For photography, high ISO performance of Sony A7S (and A7sii) is very similar of what Sony A7r MII can do, downsized to 12mpx.

In video, Sony A7s and A7sii will have some edge in high ISO from approx. ISO 3200, but A7r MII will hold well up to ISO 12800 and there about. It has best AF from all A7x bodies IMHO, it has highest resolution which is not only great for super large prints, but also for extensive cropping when needed.

Another nice camera for everyday use is A7 MII which except 4K video, ISO above 6400 and ultra high resolution has most of the features of A7rii for significantly lower price.

For video, A7s and A7s MII have quite some benefit, mainly due to the larger pixel size, allowing light to be more efficiently collected. Difference between those two is mainly in the ability to record 4K video internally (A7s needs external recorder for 4K video).

Sony A7r is brilliant value as a landscape camera that will be mostly used from tripod or in situation where careful composing and setting is not a problem. At barely 1200 USD (for good condition used bodies) it benefits from a very capable sensor, but it lacks in almost every other regard.

Sony A7
original is still very capable and versatile camera, that at recent price point represents most affordable entrance ticket to the Sony A7x family.

You can hardly make anything wrong choosing any of those cameras, unless you start to think about money. Buying A7r MII will not only set you back for some 3K USD, but you’ll need top quality lenses to fulfill its sensor potential e.g. Also value depreciation will be probably highest in total amount considering its starting price.

All the best,

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