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The ZE lenses do not have Aperture ring, I formulated that a bit poorly in my original post, but as a still only shooter I do not miss it. In that sense adapted ZE is near-perfect (perfect if there were no infinity issues 🙁 ) solution in terms of functionality for me; real manual focus ring with electronic aperture. But given the possibility to go stepless aperture for video I can understand why no electronic aperture is not possible Loxias. Automatic wide open focusing is most useful for indoor manual flash or strobe shooting and it helps nailing millimeter perfect focus when stopping down a bit even in decent light; not a make or break thing but kind of hard to give it away after getting used to it. Dierk Topp also seems to be fan of it with the Otus 85 + A7R

Dierk Topp Otus 85mm review: “The Sony A7R is the best camera for the OTUS today!”

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