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The Otus lenses are a bit should I say paradoxical since they are only available on Canon/Nikon Mount. They are stellar wide open yet critically focusing them wide open and hand held is extremely hard on bodies they are made for. Ming Thein said the only way to get accurately focused pics with the Otus 85 wide open on a Nikon using the OVF was to slowly rack the focus ring and shoot bursts. Sounds like a hack to me. Now if you adapt those lenses to a A7 or A7R the hand held focusing is very easy. The Otuses are out of my price range and I already have the FE 55/1.8 and the Sony Zeiss 85/1.4, but the ZE APO Sonnar 135/2 is tempting, been looking for a used copy for some time now. As sharp as Otus, nearly as well corrected, short MFD for near-macro and about half the price. The focal length should make the A7 sensor topping non-issue. Long Fl also means that if we ever see anything that fast/good for FE mount it will be as big or even bigger if it is AF.

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