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viktor pavlovic
viktor pavlovic

Hi Andrew,
I got few minutes to try conversion on the type 44-2 in order to see if I can replicate your problem…

As I was in hurry, I couldn’t take pictures, but I might have found the cause of your problem…
I believe that you twisted 180° – metal collar ring between front element and secondary elements group.

In order of disassembling, you have first to unscrew the little safety ring with letters “Hellios, 44-2” etc. After that you should carefully twist the lens to drop the front group in your palm. (If you twist and shake it too much, second group can fold out too.)
Bellow front group, (that you should have in the hand now) and above second group, (in other words – between two glass elements) there is a metal collar ring that is supposed to keep the proper distance between both optical groups. This collar has wider part that should face upward, and tighter part that touch the second lens group.

If you turned this collar (accidentally) other way around – so that wider part is touching the second group and front element comes on the narrower part of the collar, you will most probably keep proper distance between elements, but you won’t be able to screw back safety ring (with signs).
If you keep the original position of this collar, both lens optical groups will hard touch each other, but you shouldn’t have problem to screw back the safety ring (with signs). (At least I haven’t had a problem, except that it takes a bit longer to properly position safety ring).

In this case however, I would expect problems with focus (didn’t have time to test), because glasses will touch each other and distance between them will be shorter than intended. You might try to make few spacers (from the harder black paper, or plastic folder etc.) to lift the front element just enough to fix the focus issue, but still not too much in order to screw safety ring back. I guesstimate thickness of just bellow 1mm. (Lenses will probably still touch each other but less than without spacers.

I hope it make sense, and if you need any further support, let me know.

Best regards,

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