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This is a great report.
I have had several 50s so far, from the Sony NEX SEL50F18, to Hexanon 50mm 1.4, Pentax A 1.7, Rokinon 50mm 1.4 and two Canon 50mm FD 1.4s (plus tested a breechlock one).
Condition plays a big factor indeed as one of my FD 1.4s was clearly sharper than the other and more constrasty with less glow Wide open.
The Breechlock was inferior to both but again, all about condition not implying the breechlock has a design problem.
The Hexanon was so glowy that I couldnt stand it. The Rokkors was good but not as sharp as the FD.
Of those the FDs were my favorite and I still have one until i decided to try a 1.2 L or Mitakon .95 😀

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