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peace 7

Hello! I just discovered your blog today and have been reading for hours now… Great content, and I also really enjoy the experimental aspects such as this. Thank you!

I searched and could not find any– have you made any posts on your lens experiments yet? These shots look incredible, and I’d love to see more!

I’ve been considering modding/making my own lenses (or related) in ultra ghetto fashion for awhile now, and coincidentally I’ve found note of your lens experiments and a guy at Maker Faire who made his own large format camera for cheap- so it’s a siiiign, myaaaan…..

From making a DOF adapter ~8 years ago, I realized that high aesthetic qualities could be gotten affordably in exchange for convenience (or brightness, sharpness, etc. (and at the very least, the highest quality can only be gotten in exchange for experience and application of aesthetic sense, so there is necessarily always a “loss” somewhere)). As far as light is concerned, modern lenses are designed under the assumption that some sort of idealistic “perfection” is the way forwards, all whilst ignoring the fact that not even two humans have the same visual perceptive abilities (and no one lens sees like the two eyes of humans), so for me, even citing chromatic aberration as “an error” is a purely arbitrary and somewhat meaningless judgement when it comes to aesthetics. That being said, I’ve found that some of the Sigma compacts (with the fabulous foveon sensor) are able to come pretty close in mimicking binocular human perception of space, monocularly.

I imagine the future of VR/3-D camera tech will push lens development in the direction of mimicking “flaws” in human eyeballs, to more “realistically” capture human-esque imagery (actually, capture will prolly be hi-res light-field lenses, with eye tracking to focus, etc.), and somewhere between now and then, are threads like this with people experimenting with lenses for the sake of expression! Anyway, wtf am I writing… I hope to see more on these lens experiments. Thanks again. Peace~

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