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    viktor pavlovic
    viktor pavlovic

    Martin wrote:

    “Hi Viktor
    i read your blog with great interest. i have 3 super takumars from the earlier spotmatic. We have now 2015 what advise would you give in buying a body like nex7 or nex5 or even an other camera body to use with this objectives.
    From price quality level with this objectives?
    Any advise which adaper to be used for the m42 mm/new camerabody?
    Thank you and best regards

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    viktor pavlovic
    viktor pavlovic

    Hi Martin,

    I have been using Takumars with both – NEX 5N and NEX 7. Any of those cameras will do well with Takumars, but for the most exciting results you might consider full frame.

    Lenses originally designed for full frame, especially legacy ones, will benefit of similar projection size, rendering image similar to what they were designed for.

    On APS-C sensor, part of the lens projection (yes, that is worst part of the image) will be cropped of course, but it depends on you if you like it that way.

    From the technical point of view, there are not many differences between NEX 5 (N) and NEX 7 in terms of critical corner performance at wide open apertures with this lens.

    Hope it helps,

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    Viktor, what do you think about this Takumar? http://www.ebay.com/itm/281833689580

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    viktor pavlovic
    viktor pavlovic

    Hi Thea,
    it depend what you expect from this lens.

    You can adapt it for Sony, using same adapter as with Swirly Helios.

    This Takumar is not highly valued lens for its optical performance, but as each Takumar, it is very well made.

    I would suggest you to look for Topcon RE Topcor 58/1.8 instead, as that lens is much sharper and had quite interesting rendering. I can offer you few alternatives from Carl Zeiss Jena – Very good Pancolar 50/1.8 MC (around 100-120 USD), Old but charismatic Pancolar 50/2 zebra (50-80 USD), Meyer Optik Gorlitz Trioplan 50/2.9 (100-150 USD), Super cheap Pentacon 50/1.8 (if you just want to try that focal length/speed combination,(up to 25 USD) and few other (There are some great Russian alternatives as well). You might also consider Olympus 50/1.8 (be sure it has “Made in Japan” engraved on the lens collar, Or Nikon 50/1.8 Ai (or Ai-S, but not E)
    Among Takumars, most popular are 50/1.4 versions, but except very first (8 elements) version, they all have Thoriated (radioactive) elements inside which are yellowing in time. To bring them to their original transparency, you will need UV (black light) lamp to keep shining on the lens for many, many days or months.

    Cheers, Viktor

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