NEX 7 – Large Format Digital Back

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4 Responses

  1. Corwin says:

    Buy yourself some decent Phase One back and attach it to that. 🙂 Tho only new ones have “something like LV” and Im not sure if its possible to focus it without that.

    Otherwise, I saw something like that with old 1DsMK2. Seems that good large format lens can outperform pretty much everything. Only downside is that you really need to be slightly crazy and its tripod only. 😀

  2. Lebowski says:

    I’d love Phase one especially IQ series. Unfortunately, they are just too expensive.
    I am using this combo with Canon 5D MII for product shots with a very good success, everything else is just pure fun. (If you are crazy enough to enjoy it :-))
    I agree that those large format lenses are just amazing, because in those cases only best part of lens projection is used.

  3. ZR says:

    sorry for commenting on such an old post.

    But isn’t this the same as mounting a large format lens on a sony nex and using some bellows?

    • No problem, I am still alive 🙂

      Basically it is the same, except that field camera like Cambo Legend above, has all sort of geared movements, bringing thus precision in composing. On top of that, using raise and slide of front board (with lens), and capturing each position as a single shit, will allow later stitching with virtually no parallax problem at all. Finally, there are many great (and rather cheap) large format lenses that are easy to mount on plates, but not so on bellows (depending on diameter and bellows system).
      All in all, it is not extremely practical, but you might find some specific use for the system like this.

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