NX 16mm f2.4 Different Performance With Different Bodies

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4 Responses

  1. Corwin says:

    I think that it might be another issue. While NX11 (and other previous NX) sensor is very very old design back from Pentax K20D, NX200 is new sensor.

    I think issue is same as between NEX-7 vs NEX-5N. 5N performs very good with old wide-angle lens (in both terms, sharpness and low color shift), 7 isnt so good with them and show color shift and most lenses are sharp only in middle (talking about rangefinder lens).

    All works perfect with regular dSLR lens (or older SLR).

    Tho question is why Samsung didnt optimized NX200 sensor for his own wide-angles. That blur shows that problem is much more than 6 mpix difference should be, eg. its simply sensor not optimized for short flange focal distance lenses. Even Samsung own..

    But just my idea, nothing more.

  2. Lebowski says:

    Thanks Corwin for comment.
    Right now, I found that developing RAW files from Samsung NX200 in LR3.6 and 4 beta, left files with in camera lens correction for some reason. I am trying to download other converter (DxO trial) to see, if this is Adobe bug, or NX200 applies lens correction in RAW. If the second is the case, than all comparison are useless and question is – did Samsung made it intentionally, or is it a bug.
    I will come back with my findings hopefully soon.

  3. This is very interesting post. I just bought Samsung 16mm lens and I’m using it with my nx10 body. The sharpness of the lens is excellent but distortion in Lightroom 4 is just intolerable. There was no problem If I only could have the 16mm lens profile for LR4. But sadly I’m still looking for one.

  4. b says:

    Hello. I found a way to recover real raw files. If you use ACDSEE 5.3 to convert raw file, than you can get a real raw file as captured in NX10 or older generation bodies.

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