Sony NEX 7 and Macro

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4 Responses

  1. Corwin says:

    If you had nutty feeling, try getting 100mm f2.8 ASPH. 🙂 There isnt much better macro lens..

    Leica certainly shows why its worth its price tag. Never disappoints.

    Panagor shots are quite interesting too, very different way of rendering (different from pretty much every macro lens I saw).

    Macro lens have usually advantage in being pretty good no matter who is manufacturing them.

  2. Lebowski says:

    Thanks Corwin. I just wanted to try those lenses that I already have. To be honest, for Macro, I like more my DSLR with Canon EF 100 f2.8 L IS II which is a great macro lens.
    I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with small size of NEX 7 with flash on it and longer lens. In a daylight, LCD usually is not contrast enough, and putting the eye on EVF makes holding the camera, in this particular case, quite inconvenient.
    To use it in studio, I will miss camera cable trigger, as most of my automatized equipment – focus stack rails, drop kit etc. uses it to fire the camera. I also can’t shot tethered from computer.
    But 24 Mpx is an impressive technology today for further enlargement when needed.

  3. Martin says:

    Very nice article, with some great images. Do you know if the 1200AF minolta macro flash will work with the NEX-7?

    I’d like to get a couple flashes, but I’m not sure which flashes to get between my NEX-7 and RX1 as they have different hotshoes…

    • In general, it is better to get DIN (RX1) flash type and use it on NEX 7 with adapter. For macro, manual flesh is much more useful than TTL, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Regarding Minolta 1200AF, it depends on the model. Check this page:
      However, I doubt you can use it on RX1. (Don’t know if it works with Sony hot shoe adapter, but it will certainly only work (if at all) in manual mode.
      You can also consider some remote triggers and flashes separated from camera. In terms of light quality (and quantity) that would be the best option, but you will need time to make a proper set-up.
      Which system to choose, depends a lot on what and how you want to shot. Led rings and other permanent light sources, wouldn’t help you to isolate or freeze your subject by the flash exposure i.e.

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