Sony A7 II, sample images, video review and few other links…

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  1. Artur says:

    Виктор Павлович, а вы понимаете на русском?
    Есть к Вам несколько вопросов) Буду благодарен за ответы!

    • I am sorry Artur, I am not Russian and I don’t speak Russian 🙁 I do understand a bit though, and we can always use Google translate as a little help. If you have any question, feel free to ask in Russian and I’ll do my best to answer in English.


  2. Eric Peffer says:

    Hi Viktor,
    I wouldn’t worry about a video review. I think that your detailed and technical review style is excellent and better suited to publishing than a quick and dirty video review. There are plenty of ‘reviews’ (first impressions really) that show me what the box looks like and how great the new grip feels, I get it. But for how the camera works, and how much of an improvement over the A7 there is…well, I can wait (and look forward to) for your review to find out if there is an actual improvement in AF, how how effective the new IBIS is, or if there is an IQ improvement during high ISO…or whatever you feel is pertinent.


    • Thanks Eric,
      I am just dissapointed not being able to get in touch with Sony central PR department. They keep sending us back to the local one, where we just get short news, days after they’ve been piblished worldwide.
      A7II is supposed to come in Prague from 9.1.2015, so we’ll see…

      Tnahks again for your support.


  3. Martin says:

    I agree with Eric. I prefer written reviews. Video reviews require less attention from both the viewer, and broadcaster.

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