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Sony SEL 1018 f/4 OSS lens review, part 3. Sony 1018 vs Sigma 19 | Verybiglobo photo

SONY SEL 1018 f4 OSS vs Sigma 19 f2.8 EX DN Rolling Review Part III

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7 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    Thanks.. i might go for the sigma now considering my budget.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting this. Very helpful.

  3. biologi sel says:

    it’s really interesting article 😀

  4. Very interesting article, I was search for différence about sel16 and sel1018, for me the sel1018 is better because more versatile and Homogeneous, however the price of sel16 is very decent.

  5. Thanks, this was very insightful and down to the point!

  6. ELZZZORRO says:

    Too late, I just bought the SEL1030, I wish I has seen your excellent review 1st. Good article, thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks. I’ve finally found someone that could tell me how good the Sigma 19mm is for landscapes at F8.

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