Portrait lens – Which One? 21-30

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  1. ALL Pre war Uncoated lenses serviced are very Good with sunshades on them, especially Tessar. Also a Coated lens NOT MC, needs a sunshade. MC lenses of course are best. Try a Wollensalk 90/4.5 ser. ll velostigmat m39 for lecia,,, No MC but can you say dam good! Your testing is great, I did all these lenses back in 2009 on m4/3, just never published my work. The 90mmF:2 summicron is great also, but heavy expensive lens. You will find the the Komura 105/2.5 most excellent. regards, Don@eastwestphoto

  2. jaspat3 says:

    Nikkor 85/1.8 G AF-S

    Victor, How is the focus ring in case of manual focusing? Thanks

  3. Hi Jaspat3,

    manual focusing with Nikkor 85/1.8 G AF-S is quite OK, but focus throw is rather short (some 20°), This might affect critical precision (it’s harder to lock the focus with very shallow DOF). For normal usage, such as portrait, I don’t see much problems. Where it might cause some frustration is macro (with tubes).


  4. Amin Riadh says:

    Hello! A bit disappointed you didn’t make a choice. What would be your top 3 from that list?

    • Hi Amin, I would rather spend my time in picking the right model, lighting, composition, expression and most of all – reason to shot, than picking “favorite” portrait lens.
      It might simply depend on general intention – what I’d like to achieve- swirly bokeh, soft glow, low contrast, strong vignetting. extensive flares etc., which lens I will pick.


  5. Dave says:

    Interesting tests, you should get hold of a copy of the Tomioka 50mm f1.2. It’s not a standard portrait length but it has very nice properties for portraits regardless.

    • Viktor says:

      I do have Tomioka 50/1.2 (Yashinon) but no money to run this blog any more 🙁 It is a nice lens, but my copy doesn’t differ much from many other 50-58/1.2 lenses that I have tried.
      If I will have to pick today a super fast fifty it will be Canon FD 55/12 Aspherical. Probably great copy of mine…

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