Sony SEL 1018 f4 OSS vs SEL 16 f2.8 Rolling Review, Part II

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9 Responses

  1. Amol Kolhe says:

    Thx for doing the tests. Just my 2 cents, ideal test would be – to compare both at 12mm and 16mm. Since those are the only two the SEL16f28 is capable of combined with the converter.

    • Thanks for reading. I already included one comparison at 12mm with crops above, but I didn’t bother to make complete comparison, because what I saw as a result with UWA converter, did indicate what should be expected in general.
      I already sold my SEL 1628 and converters.

  2. Deborah Miller says:

    Thanks for the awesome review! I have been looking for such a review for a while and am so happy I came across your review. With all of your photos and your detailed comments I was able to finally SEE the difference! That’s exactly what I was looking for.
    I appreciate all the work you put into your review and thanks again for helping me to decide on the 10 to 18.
    Deborah Miller

  3. mat says:

    You forgot to add that with the 10-18mm you can add a filter or a protection for the lens.
    I still dont know if I should buy this lens… the 16mm+wide angle adapter is not that bad after all when you see the price of the 10-18mm.

    • Hi mat,
      good point about filters, thanks. IMHO, 16/2.8 is good in the mid frame, but you’ll hardly get sharp extreme corners at any aperture. It all depends what you need it for.

  4. Amol Kolhe says:

    Thanks for the tests. For the longest time, Ive been thinking of getting the 10-18, but since I don’t make any money off of my photos, for me sel16f28 is enough and a great value. I rarely care about extreme corner sharpness for my landscapes or even people shots. Most times I add a vignette to draw attention to the center, so few hundred dollars for corner sharpness isn’t worth it for me.

    What is worth though (if the lens can be had at discount or used) , is the wider angle at 10mm and the flexibility due to the zoom range.

    I actually love the sel1650, if only sony made the adapters fit this kit lens, it would have been an awesome solution. 1 kit lens, with a wide angle or fish eye adapter is a very flexible solution.

  5. Jon says:

    Don’t know if you mentioned this, just saw the size comparisson picture on Google.
    Well the advantage would be that the if user is not going to constantly use the Wide-adapter and think the 16 is fine for a walk around lens, the size flexibility is an advantage when it comes to taking the camera with. Even if the user would constantly bring the adapter with, beeing able to divide them makes them so much easier to pack, if the user does not carry a camera bag. Well actually if user intends to always use the wide adapter, I guess it would be less fiddely to attach the adapter than attaching a lens to the body, so they would still be easier to pack in a bag compared to separating house and lens, for easier packing.

    But if the size is fine, and you have the money the zoom seems better. Most of the time the sharpness would make up for the Aperature advantage, even if it using Optical stabilization is out of the question, or if they would be added to a newer camera with in house stabilization (starting with the a6500).

  1. December 16, 2014

    […] habe das Sony SEL16F28 selbst nie getestet und konnte nur diesen Test finden, welcher deutlich positiv fürs SEL1018 ausfällt. Es wäre aber auch möglich, dass hier […]

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