Metabones Speed Booster Review (NEX 7) Part II – Canon TS-E 17 f4 L

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8 Responses

  1. Corwin says:

    I guess you dont pay VAT directly? 😀

    You sorta found what I saw on most pics. Bit of CA/PF and bit more distortion. Kinda logical as it “compress” bigger frame to smaller, which is pretty much what regular wide-angle lens does. And I think CA/PF is there for same reason. Anyway neither of these is deal killer and both can be fixed in SW. And having same great wide-angle lens for two systems is something which no SW can fix. 🙂 And that makes this thing worth it. Even tho 700 USD is a lot..

    I would say its worth it. Would be interesting to test it with some 24mm. I guess it was designed for 18-35 range with best results somewhere in middle. But just guess, might be wrong.

    Btw. you are not alone with your attitude towards mirrorless. I like it for exactly same reasons, just really wish they finally made regular FF. 😀 There will be one from Leica, but that will be tiny bit too expensive (Leica M240 or just “M”).

    Guess you have typo last number, it should be 54,5 f1.5 (50/1.2L on SpeedBooster).

    Well, nice article, looking forward for next part.

    • Hi Corwin and Thanks for the feedback.
      I will check that typo later, as I am falling dead now, after some tough work in the office…I guess there are much more, as my English is really weak anyway. As a member from DPR forums has in its sign:
      “My english is poor.Try to Understand”

      I briefly tested it SB with the EF 24 f1.2 L II, and first impressions are positive.
      I agree with you, some of the lenses, would deserve such a price if only with them adapter will work. It would still be cheaper than the FF body. And thinking of it, I still have more resolution with NEX 7 in respective crop, than I would be able to get from, Nikon D800E (well in theory).
      But what makes me completely mad, are those cooked RAW files from NEX 7 and fw 1.01.
      I just can’t stand it, and am so disappointed and angry, that I would most probably switch the boat soon. It is because, they simple chooses that route, and if they come with a FF, expect even more of those to happen. Goodbye RAW, welcome Artificial, Resolution Waste files.

      Don’t mention VAT… we all have our little secrets 🙂

    • Oh, you mean description of the last shot as a typo? No, that is correct one 🙂 It’s 135 f2 L.

    • Corwin says:

      Yea I wasnt much clear thinking at that 1 AM, makes sense with 0.7x. 🙂

      I understand that cooked RAW hate. One of reasons why I went back to dSLRs after 1 year encounter with Panasonic G1. Tho in that time there wasnt much competition.

      Sony will probably follow route of SW corrections. It depens just how much effect it will have on adapted lens users. Samsung is probably planning something too, but they are pretty much same with cooking RAWs.

      Maybe in some very distant future Nikon will make some FF mirrorless aswell, with uncooked RAWs. 😀

      To máš dobré, já naposled platil DPH i u dárku. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    at first I had same disappointment with SB. Having all of the Zeiss ZE lenses and few expensive from Canon and every single lens wasn’t able to focus in infinity. After turning back element on SB for almost full circle anti clockwise everything is ok. Especially good is 16-35L II. Even auto focus on that lens is usable on NEX-6. Being 5D Mark III owner it is hard to compare these two cameras. But on video camera Sony NEX FS700 Speed Booster is must have. Now I don’t need my 5D3 for wide shots. And SB is very slow in establishing connection with Zeiss ZE lenses on NEX-6. Sometimes it takes up to 60 seconds for camera to show picture on display. Anyway, expensive but very usable piece of gear.
    All best,

    • Hi,
      thanks for the feedback. Interesting to hear that you had the same problem, at least I know, that I am not alone. I did the same adjustment and kudos to Metabones for making it possible. I turned well over 180°, but will have to test it little more to be 100% sure. The amount of rotation makes me bit confused though… It is well beyond some production tolerances…
      I sold my 16-35 II(I have all FL covered, and also Nikon D800E with 14-24, so it was a bit of luxury to keep it, but EF 24 f1.4 L II and 21, 28, 35 Zeiss ZE, they all works fine now. AF, can be used for some static subjects, but I still can be faster with a hand.
      I also experienced black screen with Zeiss 21 ZE, when mounted. I didn’t wait 60s, so thank you for mentioning it, but I simply took of the lens and mount it back again, while holding function button on the SB, to enter advanced MF mode. In that mode, it worked every time from the beginning.
      Enjoy SB, and if you find something more, let me know.

  3. dierk says:

    after looking for an answer for weeks I found it here!!

    I wrote 3! mails to metabones and never got an answer. I was asking, if the adapter supports the electronic aperture. I have the Nikkor 24mm PCE with electronic aperture and it is not working on any adapter (jet). Here I see, that the TS-E works, thanks very much.

    I have the Nikon D3 and canceled the D800E. I decided after about 50 years SLR/DSLR to sell all my Nikon.

    The Canon 17mm TS-E has been the only lens, that I was jealous to the Canon owners and with the Metabones I have the chance to use it now! 🙂

    My only problem is solved now, as it works. Thanks again, Viktor.

    When the FF NEX is coming, this lens with the normal adapter will be just great:)

    BTW: what is SB?


    • Hi Dierk,
      Metabones SB means – Metabones Speed Booster, the adapter reviewed here. There is also Metabones Smart adapter, that allow control of electronic aperture of the Canon EF mount lenses, that has no optical elements and preserve original crop factor of 1.5.

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