Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Hands-On

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13 Responses

  1. Jesus Quintana says:

    Wow wide open it spanks the Canon.

  2. Oliver says:

    How is the stopped down performance (2.8) compared to the Zeiss Loxia 21mm or the Batis 25mm?

    • I didn’t compare them directly but there is very little difference between most comparable modern lenses from f/4 and smaller. You can see that even somewhat older Canon 24/1.4 II is catching up at f/5.6. Since all three are Zeiss lenses, they have same (within the same generation family) coatings and none of those lenses has excessive distortion (Loxia 21, being the widest, suffer probably most from it, but it is still very well corrected). At smaller apertures, vignetting is not the problem either. If you are on the Sony E platform, Loxia has great advantage in size but it is “only” f/2.8, Batis has AF and solid speed at f/2 but in my opinion (very subjective) also most digital/flat rendering and Milvus while optically great, is huge and heavy. I am using Loxia (and Canon TS-E 17) for my work.

  3. Micah Turner says:

    This isn’t directly related to milvus 25… it is tempting but very expensive with filter thread size I don’t like and aperture I don’t need… I was wondering if you plan on reviewing voigtlander 40 and 65. The 65 at least appears to be in same optical class as very good zeiss lenses and has that marvelous emount compatibility loxia has. Are they on your radar?

    • Hi Micah,
      I would love to put my hands on Voigtlander 65/2 APO, but don’t know when it might happen 🙁 Thing is, that only Zeiss is willing to give me lenses for testing for more than 2 weeks and since I am trying to write my reviews based on thorough testing, I usually have to buy other lenses or cameras on my own. Thank you for visiting verybiglobo.com

  4. Josef says:

    wow lens. I guess the sigma wont mach it ,as the canon 24mm 1.4 II does not either.
    Spoiler the milvus 35mm 1.4 is the best 35 mm on the market. It is simply superb in sharpnes, contrast and rendering, See Dustin Abbott YT channell. You should definately rent it to test it.

  5. Kirill says:

    Hi – it’s been some time since this post so not sure if this comment will be read but I’m curious about the vignetting – how does it compare to the Canon 24mm f1.4 ii? I used to have the Canon but thought the vignetting was unbearable at f1.4. I’d expect this lens should fare a little better (I’d expect it’s still heavy but not as much) as it has a larger front element but not sure. Thanks!

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