Author: viktor pavlovic


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) ZOO 1

Today it was a ZOO day. First of three that I am planning for this test.I was a bit afraid, that once the guard spots me with 3 cameras hanged around my body (and fourth in the pocket), I might easily end, sharing my apartment with monkeys. Seriously, I am not a good wild life…


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) Cityscape

I bought used one Samsung NX200 with a kit lens, to be able to continue this test, until my new unit don't show up. However, I have a feeling that my previous kit lens was somewhat better performer, but as I said at the beginning - this test is not scientific, rather informative. Working with…


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) Theater

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All images, published on this page are subjects of reserved and exclusive copyright. No image is allowed to be shared or published without author and models authorization. My first field test, didn't start well. First - I forgot to take Casio with me, second - light operator from theater got flue and stayed…


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) Studio

First, I would like to apologize for my English. It is not my native language, so treat it as my best effort, or if you like better as a Google translate result :-) The reason I am writing it in English instead of my native language, is that I believe, more people will have a…

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