Author: viktor pavlovic


Sony SEL 1018 f4 OSS + Sony NEX 7 Rolling Review Part I

After I tried the lens in store during Sony promotion (first pictures bellow) I decided to buy one myself.Therefore I am re-writing this blog and will add more info, to keep it updated with my personnel user experience.This is not a serious test by any means, but in the time of writing this post, there…


Nikon D800E vs Nikon D600 vs Canon 5D Mark III

Over the last weekend, I got a chance to test 4 FF bodies in a field. It was a promotion of the local photo store, and I could have done much better, but unfortunately I missed this chance. Well, at least big part of it.I had something around 1 hour to perform the test, but…


Nikon D800E and 5 WA zoom lenses

I just got Nikon D800E, with the idea to use it until (and if) Canon does not come with a proper landscape and Hi-Res studio camera. No critics to Canon here, I just needed higher resolution.For the studio work I choose Nikon 24-70 f2.8 and it should be enough for now. I might add one…


Sony NEX and Landscape

This post is about my experience with the NEX system as the alternative to DSLR for the landscape photography. Sony NEX 5n + Carl Zeiss Tevidon 35 f1.9at f8 Last weekend I packed Sony NEX 5n and 7 for the 3 days photo trip to Ceske Svycarsko, area known by sandstone rocks and green hills.…


Sigma 30 f2.8 EX DN E review

Review is in progress, but so far, I can post only few comparisons  done against kit lens and Canon FD 35 f2 S.S.C.I will have to take more serious look at Sigma, as it is supposed to be great lens, but from those comparisons it comes short to Canon. It is different FL of course,…


Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f1.4 – Legacy 50mm. Which one is the best? Part 6

Both Konica Lenses were pleasant surprise for me. Maybe because before testing, I didn't know nothing about them. After I examined results, I spent some time looking for more information. Here is faster, a bit older and more expensive f1.4 version.Lens is Double-Gauss design, same as i.e. Yashinon DX 50 f1.7 or Asahi Super Takumar…

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