Photokina 2014 – Sony first impression – FE 16-35 f/4 OSS ZA

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25 Responses

  1. For being an early model, it looks very promising indeed. Thanks for sneaking some shots and sharing them.

  2. Hi Viktor,
    I hope you are enjoying Köln ! I see that you couldn’t resist travelling with your lovely girlfriend for a few posed shots !


  3. David Panno says:

    Looks very promising; thanks.

  4. Dan says:

    wow those results are actually great! I’m assuming all those shots were shot at f/4, around ~1/60s-1/100s, right?. If yes, not only it’s plenty sharp wide open, but also the OSS is working very well. Think I’m going to break the piggy bank on this one

    • Hi Dan, most of shots were taken at f/4, but I will need to get back home and upload full-res to be sure. I will post the link here for RAWs available for download. It seems that Sony 16-35/4 is ready for the market, much more lenses today and no restrictions.

  5. Hiep says:

    Thanks for the hands-on and first impression. They look great.

  6. Thor says:

    If you where to use it on a A6000 for example, what would the equivalent zoom range be?

    • Drew says:

      Would be 24-52.5mm f5.6 (crop sensor has less depth of field. One must apply crop factor to both focal length and aperture.)

      • Hi Drew, just to make it a bit more clear, If you equalize FOV (to see same portion of the image on FF like on APS-C) using same FL, DOF will be shallower on Full Frame (you will have larger part of image in focus on APS-C). If you however stay on the same position and shot the image using same FL with FF and APS-C, (you will have tighter FOV with APS-C), the situation with DOF will be actually opposite.

  7. Graham Parker says:

    I was worried this might be a let down in some ways after the sharp corner to corner Canon 16-35mm f/4 IS L this year, since I’m planning on switching to Sony. But this looks nicely done!

  8. Hakan says:

    Thanks for the info Victor… What are your observations if you compare it to SEL1018? Do you think it’s remarkably better than SEL1018? I just sold it to finance this lens and a A7 body.I cant wait to see your detailed tests…

    • Hi Hakan. Based on my initial expression and few test shots in the less than ideal condotions, it looks at least as good on FF as SEL 1018 f/4 OSS on my APS-C cameras. If you mean how it compare to SEL 1018 f/4 OSS used on FF camera, than I would dare to say – much better. (In terms of distortion, ccorner sharpness and of course – usable range).

  9. Hakan says:

    Btw, i have tried Fujinon XF1024 for two weeks, and find is inferior to SEL1018, surprisingly (due to a lot of praise on the net) , did you also check this lens?

  10. Hakan says:

    Thanks Viktor. Btw, new site is much better than previous blog…

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