Everything about photography including some field tests of cameras and lenses


NX 16mm f2.4 Different Performance With Different Bodies

I published some time ago comparison between Sony SEL 16mm f2.8 and Samsung NX 16mm f2.4. Samsung was tested on NX200 body, while SEL on NEX 5n and NEX 7. I got some suggestions from the Samsung forum at DP Review, that NX 16mm performs better on older generation bodies - NX10/11 and NX100. I…


NEX 7 – Large Format Digital Back

Warning! Don't try this at home. (Your wife might call your therapist)I used to play with my Cambo Legend camera with the adapter for Canon EOS some time ago. Achieved results with some great lenses that I was happy to get for the good price, were amazing. To me at least. I used that combo…


Sony NEX 7 and Kiron FD 28 f2.8

God, it was cold today. Beside my little review of the Kiron lens, I am happy to report, that both NEX cameras did well at minus 15 Celsius, that can't be said about myself. I am still trying to warm-up...I got Kiron FD 28 f2.8 from eBay recently, as I am still looking for some…


Samsung NX200 vs Sony NEX 7 Sport MF lenses

The last test published in my previous post, shown that using native mounts slow lenses (55-210 and 50-200) requires high ISO to achieve acceptable shutter speeds. Using AF in such situations wasn't very effective, and enabling AF tracking function, makes the number of shots in a burst rather low. Therefore I decided to use faster…


Samsung NX200 vs SONY NEX 7 Sport

I took both cameras today on my son's tennis training. The only lenses I could use for this test where native mount Samsung NX 50-200 mm F4-5,6 i-Fn and Sony SEL 55–210 mm, F4,5–6,3. (I don't have 18-200 lenses, as I am not shooting video, but they are both supposed to have faster AF, so…


Sony SEL 16mm f2.8 vs Samsung NX 16mm f2.4

Not many reviews on both lenses and those that are are not raving about either. Samsung NX 16mm f2.4 is supposed to be slightly better, especially in the corners, and I can confirm that in my short field test. Nevertheless, none of those lenses is a superb performer in terms of border clarity. I bought…


Final word

It's quite some time since my last edit. But here I am back, and in addition I can include some shots from Sony NEX-7. At this point I might also resume some of my experiences using those cameras. Canon EOS 550D - This is still a great entry level DSLR. It is on sale now,…


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) ZOO 2

I wanted today to try Samsung and Sony with Canon FD lenses, because yesterday I just received appropriate adapters. However, while it seems that I choose good one for Sony (no infinity focus issues), I received two adapters for Samsung of not such a good quality. To make things even worse, the second of those…


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) ZOO 1

Today it was a ZOO day. First of three that I am planning for this test.I was a bit afraid, that once the guard spots me with 3 cameras hanged around my body (and fourth in the pocket), I might easily end, sharing my apartment with monkeys. Seriously, I am not a good wild life…


NX200 vs NEX-5n vs EOS 550D (vs ZR100) Cityscape

I bought used one Samsung NX200 with a kit lens, to be able to continue this test, until my new unit don't show up. However, I have a feeling that my previous kit lens was somewhat better performer, but as I said at the beginning - this test is not scientific, rather informative. Working with…

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