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Verybiglobo photo blog - Part 13

Everything about photography including some field tests of cameras and lenses


Pentax SMC M 50mm f1.7 – Legacy 50mm. Which one is the best? Part 2

This little Pentax M SMC 50mm f1.7 is a lens with a solid reputation. My impressions in most aspects reflects this reputation.Lens is pretty small 3.1cm height, 185gr, 49 filter thread, makes it actually one of the smaller 50 mm lenses (not counting pancakes). Minimum focus distance is around 45cm where it achieves 0.15x magnification.…


NEX 7 + Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 10mm f2 Tevidon

Well, this is kind of a rare lens, at least to see someone using it today. Lens was originally designed by Eastern German part of Carl Zeiss for 16mm movie cameras, or probably for CCTV 1" cameras. It is an APO & Telecentric design which means it has very low distortion.Mine comes in a standard…



This is not really a test of NEX 7 for Wildlife use. Just couple of thoughts. I took it as a second camera to Canon 1D MIV with EF 70-200 f2.8 L IS II and EF 300 f2.8 L IS + TC's 1.4 x II and 2 x III. The main difference that anyone will…


Sony NEX 7 and Macro

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Panagor PMC 90mm f2.8 Auto-Macrolens in FD mount. I bought it 3 years ago, second hand from eBay and paid some 90 USD. It was in LN condition, probably never used. I tried this lens briefly on my Canon 5D MII, but than, I bought Canon EF…


Sharpening NEX 7 files

Before you start to read, you should know that I am not expert in the post production.Still, after many years, working in advertising, I learned couple of things and kept a track with a new software versions, to be able to create most efficient work-flow for my needs. With every new camera, I am trying…


NEX 7 + Canon TS-E 17 f4 L

I am waiting for Conorus/Metabones EF to NEX smart adapter, but as they are out of stock, I decided to try one of the best Canon lenses - Canon TS-E 17 f4 L on Sony NEX, using normal adapter. I left Canon lens at f4, as it is sharp even wide open and made couple…


NX 16mm f2.4 Different Performance With Different Bodies

I published some time ago comparison between Sony SEL 16mm f2.8 and Samsung NX 16mm f2.4. Samsung was tested on NX200 body, while SEL on NEX 5n and NEX 7. I got some suggestions from the Samsung forum at DP Review, that NX 16mm performs better on older generation bodies - NX10/11 and NX100. I…


NEX 7 – Large Format Digital Back

Warning! Don't try this at home. (Your wife might call your therapist)I used to play with my Cambo Legend camera with the adapter for Canon EOS some time ago. Achieved results with some great lenses that I was happy to get for the good price, were amazing. To me at least. I used that combo…

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