Everything about photography including some field tests of cameras and lenses


Sony Alpha A6000 – World’s fastest AF?

This new APS-C range finder styled camera from Sony - a6000 is promoted as a game changer when it comes to AF performance.If anything, Sony E-mount cameras are permanently criticized for few things - lack of native lenses, lack of proper weather sealing, bad interface ergonomics and slow Auto Focus.To delete last critics from the…


10 minutes lens test – portrait session

I can't say what is harder - finding "Perfect Lens" or finding "Perfect Testing Method". Especially knowing that neither exist.I published many "controlled" tests, mainly using ISO 12333 chart, but those charts and walls usually tells only part of the story.Unfortunately IMHO, most readers are referring to MTF tests and results, in general terms, considering…


Fireworks with Sony A7r

Over hollidays, I didn't find time to finish A7 vs NEX 7 comparison, but I will jump on it next week. Meanwhile, I went to shot annual fireworks at 1st of January 2014 in Prague. I thought that sharing my experience and adding few tips and tricks about shooting fireworks with Sony A7r might be…

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