Everything about photography including some field tests of cameras and lenses


SONY SEL 1018 f4 OSS Final Word

The weather where I am is so bad, that I can't finish my testing yet.But after spending some time with SEL 1018, mounted mostly on NEX 7, I think I am ready to come with personal opinion.Following few web forums, I can see quite opposite impressions from a different users. There are quite a few,…


NEX 5n + Canon EF 50 f1.2 L USM

It's been almost 7 moths, since I got Metabones Smart adapter for EF lenses on NEX bodies. I have version I, meanwhile Metabones released version II, which with a latest firmware, allow even AF. (reported to be rather slow)However, I didn't use it too much. Mainly because, there are lot of those old legacy lenses…


Nikon D800E vs Nikon D600 vs Canon 5D Mark III

Over the last weekend, I got a chance to test 4 FF bodies in a field. It was a promotion of the local photo store, and I could have done much better, but unfortunately I missed this chance. Well, at least big part of it.I had something around 1 hour to perform the test, but…


Nikon D800E and 5 WA zoom lenses

I just got Nikon D800E, with the idea to use it until (and if) Canon does not come with a proper landscape and Hi-Res studio camera. No critics to Canon here, I just needed higher resolution.For the studio work I choose Nikon 24-70 f2.8 and it should be enough for now. I might add one…

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