Photokina 2014 – Zeiss Loxia Story

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21 Responses

  1. max says:

    Hi Viktor
    Than you very much for your post. The Loxia lenses sparked my interest in the A7 series. How easy / difficult is it to acquire focus? Thanks

  2. Hi max,
    focusing itself with Loxia lenses is a pure joy. Using Sony Alpha E cameras to hit the critical focus is certainly easier than with optical viewfinders and probably easier than with a RF caneras. Saying that, you should still need some practice to use the most of MF assis functions, such as focus peaking and image magnification. But in general I would say, with Loxia on Sony E is a piece of cake to acquire focus manually 🙂

  3. Graham Parker says:

    … Damn, I should not have opened the Otus 85 image….. 😮 I can already feel my brain try to justify the cost and weight… hahaha

  4. Ryan W says:

    Thanks for the interview part, the sensor stack have a length talk here:

    And A7 is among the normal range of sickness.

  5. Dave A. says:

    Thanks for the very interesting report!

  6. John says:

    Does the Loxia design also provide optimal results on a7 and a7S ? I wonder….

  7. Hi John, sensor protective glass, alias sensor toppings is of a same thickness on all A7 cameras and thus Loxia will show significant IQ improvement on all of them comparably.
    Using lenses on APS-C E mount cameras should be OK, but I bet Touits are better option for them. Lens projection on Loxia is wider than APS-C, and with some wavy distortion and/or SA corrections, the edges on APS-C might be more affected than on FF, or in contrary, you might lost part of the projection, that despite being technically subpar to the center, is a part of a lens character too.


  8. says:

    Thank you for this impressive and detailes report. Reallly enjoyed reading it.

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