TechArt Pro Leica M to Sony E – Autofocus Adapter – User Review

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11 Responses

  1. CTK says:

    Great review!

    I wanted to grab one of these for street shooting with some old Konica lenses. Is the focus speed fast enough for candid street work? Judging from the pictures it seems like it is.

    I’m leery about the long term build quality of this thing though. I had a Techart EF-NEX adapter and various pieces of it broke in short order. It was a shame because it worked pretty well. I’m still very interested in this though…. this with the Konica 40 1.8 or Nokton 40 1.4 would be a killer street setup for me.

  2. Mordi Berger says:

    I have not tested it with my Hexanon 40mm f1.8 yet, but I would guess that for most street shooting, it would be fine. The key issue with most street shots is speed of focus, not stopping action – and with a short focal length lens, it should be fast (under 1/2 second).

    As for durability, that is always a guess. I’ve owned it for almost 6 months and it’s bounced around on the camera and in my bag. I purchased a Square Trade extended “drops and spills” warranty in case it fails.


  3. Kai says:

    Thanks for the good review.
    I also have the Techart Pro adapter and have been trying to battle the following:
    1. I have to set exposure compensation to -1.5 to -2.0eV most of the time with the adapter. In the camera I always set the aperture to wide open, yet the brightness of shots taken vs on live view / EVF is always approx that -2eV difference. Any ideas why?
    2. I use Flexible Spot-M for focusing usually and as soon as I put the focusing dot off from the center 16 or so dots, it can’t focus. So effectively it can only focus on approx 10% (central) of the frame. Is this what you see also?

    • Mordi Berger says:

      Also – No matter the native maximum aperture of the lens, make sure your camera aperture is set for F2 – it should be in red font as you dial down from the programming F number ti F2 (say, F25 for a 50mm, take a programming shot, then dial back from F25 to F2. That’s part of the TechArt programming, and violating that will, for sure, screw up your exposure.

      • Mordi Berger says:

        If you have your camera set up properly, when you adjust the manual lens aperture, the EVF image will remain constant – only the shutter speed will change.

        (You aren’t using auto-ISO are you? I never do, so that could be a confounding issue – don’t know)

  4. Mordi Berger says:

    1. You haven’t mentioned either the camera model or the lens. However, make sure you have the camera in the “A” (aperture) mode. Next, go to menu “gear” icon, submenu 3 and turn Live View Display to “Setting Effect On”, Disp (lay) cont (inuous) AF area “on” and Phase Detect(ion) Area “on.” If the Live View is not set that way, for sure the EVF will be off.

    2. Yes, I cannot use the flexible spot mode either. Last night, I was shooting the Hillary Clinton rally and used the spot focus on her (or another subject) pressed the shutter release, and held it down while I reframed the image. Worked perfectly. Will upload some images later today/tonight.

  5. Clinton says:

    Thank you for this review: I found it helpful and enjoyed your photos as well.

    • Mordi Berger says:

      Glad you found it helpful – and that you liked the photos. I’ve been using The TechArt during extensively during the past 2 weeks, from covering a Hillary Clinton rally with the FD 135 to scenics in Colorado with a CV 15mm III to closeups of a new grandson with an 85mm f2 AiS – and it was really great!

  6. TR says:

    Hi, Thank you for the review. It’s now 2018.
    I have the TechArt pro, firmware 6.0 on my A7RIII.
    Unfortunately, all shots with my soft portrait lenses (Helios 40 85mm f:1.5, Helios 44 58mm f:2, Pentax SMC 50mm f:1.4) are no good. The focus plane ends at the tips of the eye lashes, iris is out of focus.
    On the 85mm, can not focus other than in the center third of the frame @ f2.8. @f1.5, only the actual center will lock focus.

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