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Sony Alpha A6000 – World’s fastest AF?

This new APS-C range finder styled camera from Sony - a6000 is promoted as a game changer when it comes to AF performance.If anything, Sony E-mount cameras are permanently criticized for few things - lack of native lenses, lack of proper weather sealing, bad interface ergonomics and slow Auto Focus.To delete last critics from the…


10 minutes lens test – portrait session

I can't say what is harder - finding "Perfect Lens" or finding "Perfect Testing Method". Especially knowing that neither exist.I published many "controlled" tests, mainly using ISO 12333 chart, but those charts and walls usually tells only part of the story.Unfortunately IMHO, most readers are referring to MTF tests and results, in general terms, considering…


Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7) and Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) Part 9 – FinalShowdown

It took me over 3 months and over 10000 shots with A7 and A7r, to get to the point where I am able to formulate at least partial opinion about those two Sony cameras.  Was I lazy? Yes. Where there other reasons why it took me so long? Unfortunately yes... In the last several chapters…


Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7) and Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) Part 8 – A7 – ultra wide lenses

One of the main reasons why I am testing A7 and A7r is to see if those cameras could replace my Nikon D800E, NEX7 and Canon 5D MII for landscape photography.Ultra wide angle lenses are not always what I would use, but in some situation they are priceless and thus most landscape photographers will pack…


Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7) and Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) Part 7 – A7 – Sensor Flare Problems

Despite that most users went with Sony Alphas A7/r and former NEX's because of their small size and weight, the real benefit for me, was their short flange distance. Short flange (mount to sensor) distance allows me to mount almost any lens ever made on my Sony digital backs, and while most of them would…


Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) and Robot Lenses

  I needed a break from comparison series, so I dug deep into drawer to find few Robot lenses... Robot - the word was created by Karel Čapek - Czech writer in his novel R.U.R. from 1921. Since than, it become worldwide synonym for intelligent or automatized machines (simplified). But Robot cameras were German. And…


Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7) and Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) vs rest of the world. Part 6. Sony Alfa A7 vs Sony NEX 7

I was surprised to find how many emails I received asking me when this part of review will be published. I tried to answer most of them, but if I failed to answer all, please take my apologize. So... here it is, my promised comparison between Sony Alfa A7 and Sony NEX 7... Making my…


Fireworks with Sony A7r

Over hollidays, I didn't find time to finish A7 vs NEX 7 comparison, but I will jump on it next week. Meanwhile, I went to shot annual fireworks at 1st of January 2014 in Prague. I thought that sharing my experience and adding few tips and tricks about shooting fireworks with Sony A7r might be…


Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7) and Sony Alpha A7r (ILCE-7r) vs rest of the world. Part 5. Cropping games – A7r and NEX 5N

In the last article I promised to give my opinion about stregths and weaknesses of A7 vs A7r.The problem is, that thinking more about both cameras, I keep finding new positives (and negatives) for each of them. So, it is not that easy.A7r is the camera that will give more in terms of resolution and…

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